Sharing the Gospel, made easier with FaithFood.Tv 'SMART' Channels!

FaithFood.Tv 'SMART' Channels

Churches & Christians everywhere, get Funky-Evangelising with a 'SMART' TV Channel today! Keep - within the great commission by capturing the highlights of your personal walking, talking & sharing of the Gospel through your everyday life & Basic 'MobilePhone' filming of... sermons, interviews, your talks, music & dance, maybe a line up of your favourite 'online' videos &/or any other special hidden Talents you have. It's time to get out there & be bold!

Are you ready to become a broadcaster of a FaithFood.Tv 'SMART' Channel like our artist 'Da Funky-Vangelist' and play all your Evangelising material 24/7 from your Free FunkyVangelism.Com landing page?

FaithFood.Tv 'SMART' CHANNELS is 'TV' you make, of films & videos you choose or programs you create & decide to broadcast on your 'SMART' Channel ...



You can then copy and paste the HTML Code of the above 'SMART' Channel onto multiple websites. For free!

...We're a community of Christian Evangelists' who have responded to the great commission & now also have been given our own FaithFood.Tv 'SMART' Channels, to broadcast whatsoever our heart desires, for the Lord. 24/7...

...Preparing others for Jesus' return, using classy online 'Hi-Tech' fully functional, (live-streaming) Tv - 'SMART' - screens... Soon, we will also be broadcasting through top Tv Apps, like ROKU, FIRE & APPLE TV.